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Watch them and see how they fuss over such female passengers. In view of the attractions womrn to the profession, many of the female cabin crew members have had exciting emotional experiences at the hands of male passengers who made passes at them. Naturally, for so many reasons apart from the attractive looks of the female cabin attendants with their smart way of dressing and swags, they are attracted to many.

They see, while womdn hear.

Personal life[ edit ] Patterson was married to actor Robert Ginty. Earlier, she had been a regular on two short-lived series, Working Stiffs and Goodtime Girls. We deal with such men nicely and politely. The lady, who has put in 20 years on the job, having ed the profession at a very tender age, is married, but she has a story to tell about her experiences with male passengers.

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While they agreed that there may be some bad eggs in the profession like any other, the two experienced hostesses appealed to younger and upcoming crews to avoid being get carried away by the glamour of the profession. Findings by Saturday Tribune showed that many cabin crew members aattendant, through the job, met their husbands on board these flights while some unlucky ones ended up making great mistakes of atttendant lives, ending with heart-breaks or becoming single mothers.

To them, the younger crews should not allow any situation to dampen their high passion for the job.

The training has helped many of us to handle our husbands, children and in-laws perfectly as the job has taught us how to handle different human beings. During the three-hour flight, the man was given multiple alcoholic drinks, she said, and continued to harass her the entire time.

Lorna patterson

For all the airlines that engage them, the unwritten one rule of engagement is that they must be seen to be beautiful. Female cabin crews make good wives. Despite the hush-hush that comes with cabin attendant job, she got a couple of air hostesses to share their experiences at the hands of drooling passengers. No matter how embarrassed you are, you have to be very diplomatic in the way you handle randdy men so as not to de-market the airline you are working for.

Extra duties In the course of carrying out their duties, female cabin crews are seen as easy target by male passengers who often seize the opportunity to exploit their emotions. The F. Another regular flyer, Tunde surname heldconfessed to be taken in by the appearances of the hostesses of another airline linked to womrn former First Lady of Nigeria.

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They are exceptionally good in handling culinary roles at home. She did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment. In fact, I believe they are mainly what the airlines, particularly the ones flying the domestic routes which disappoint nearly every time, are now selling mainly to passengers to keep them coming back. Jonas and Hadiza disagreed.

Describing the profession as glamorous and tempting, she said because of the training they are exposed to, womenn crew members who find themselves in this situation do not need to be rude to men who make passes at them.

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Men have blood in their veins. Iyiola, a regular domestic traveller with an airline with a name sounding like that of an international airline that once made waves in Nigeria before packing up, told Saturday Tribune that the blame of on-air infatuation should be shared equally between attendaant randy men and hostesses who he claimed, usually provoke sexual emotions with their body-hugging uniforms and deliberate cat-walking style.

As far as I am concerned, they are temptresses. But concerning their bodies, what is my business appreciating another female body when I am not a lesbian.

Patterson began her professional career while still in high school, performing melodrama at The Bird Cage Theatre at Knott's Berry Farm. Attendang addition, their job revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. By the time this became the television series Love, Sidneyshe had won the lead role in the — television version of the film Private Benjaminso her Sidney Shorr role was played in Love, Sidney by Swoosie Kurtz.

Warning the younger colleagues that all will not always be bed of roses for them, they maintained that no matter the challenges that come their way on the job, they should smile as they get paid by the various airlines to be favourably disposed to the passengers. We get to be calm.

8 women claim they were discriminated against during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Hadiza belongs to the new generation of cabin crew as she is still carrying out the job, even in a higher capacity. While the members of the public call them air hostesses, they are referred to as cabin attendants attenadnt the aviation sector.

Owing to the nature of the job, which keeps crew members always in the air, the job provides the opportunity of meeting different calibres of people on board around the world. Primary duties Cabin crew are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard flights. Therefore, men who cannot resist them often get carried away and chase after them even as the flight cruises Filght of metres above sea level.

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Hadiza, who has risen to the peak of her career as a cabin crew member, started with the defunct Albarka Airline before ing her present airline identity withheldwhere she has become an instructor for the cabin crew. Biography[ edit ] Patterson was born in Whittier, Californiawhere she attended Rio Hondo College for a single semester. She recalled one of such moments which she described as one of the most embarrassing periods on the job. Regardless of the policies of an average airline, air hostesses are always packaged in their extra-tight beautiful uniforms and high-heeled shoes, to appear like models.

Zuckerberg said she was harassed on Wednesday aboard an Alaska Airlines flight. Zuckerberg about her flight.

These girls should stop provoking by dressing a bit differently.