Chapter GPA Requirements

What is the GPA requirement for participating in Formal Fall Recruitment 2018?

Women's GPA will be verified using the Core GPA from grades 9-11. Only the Core GPA in grades 12, women may submit updates directly to the University of Arizona Office of Admissions utilizes. Then contact Admissions and as them directly to recalculate your Core GPA.

GPA Increases: Later in the summer after you have registered for Primary Recruitment, you will receive an email with important information about recruitment that includes the CORE GPA that the University of Arizona has listed for you--calculated using grades from your first six semesters of high school, or your cumulative college GPA. If there is a large discrepancy between the CORE GPA that Panhellenic has on file for you and your final GPA, that includes the grades from your entire high school experience, please follow the directions included in that email. 


Chapter GPA Requirements can be found HERE

The deadline to send transcripts is August 4th at midnight. Any questions or concerns, please call our office at 520-621-0759.