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Go ahead, ask the deer biologist!

Is this statement true? Compare this to a mature buck who may rub pole trees 6 inches or larger. Interests and topics vary. Sep 10, at am Will the U.

Whether a female fawn comes into estrous when she is months old is directly connected to her weight. I live near the city of McKeesport and there is a buck with foor on one side and a drop tine of the other. There are no lines in the woods between counties.

And most males only sire one litter. It seems counter productive that deer would herd at a time of year when food sources are least available. Approximately how many piebald deer are in the state of Pennsylvania? Teaberry and wintergreen are listed as deer resistant on some gardening websites. Lamo died under mysterious circumstances last year.

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When do bucks begin to rub trees and leave scrapes? The PGC is moving to a citizen survey to ensure the interests of all are represented as the future success of deer management depends on greater understanding of stakeholder oc and attitudes.

Detectives found four police reports filed by Chanin between June and November that described the theft of jewelry and nuisances like an unscrewed volleyball set in the backyard and a tipped over barbecue. Their mother is nearby, but out of sight. The age of white-tailed deer can be estimated by tooth wear and replacement patterns. Why do bucks group together just prior to the rut?

How healthy is the deer population in general in Wayne County? Although antler size does increase with age, interactions between genetics and nutrition cause much variability lookin antler growth. And just like Bambi's mom, this deer's run ended badly.

Certain or secretions mix with urine, which gives deer information about the sex and reproductive state of other deer in their vicinity. It isn't unusual for healthy, well-nourished does to give birth to twins or triplets. The deer may have been a yearling, driven off by its mother to find its own place in the world.

Third, it is well documented that deer can negatively impact forest regeneration when not managed properly. These 2 factors may have contributed to more hunters noting antler drop during the gun season. Family from out of town contacted police Dec.

Police: starbuck hid in home, posed ex-wife’s body

The last survey was conducted in and can be found here. The deer mating season in Pennsylvania begins as early as September and can last into February. It is also well documented that supplying food to wildlife, including deer, carries with it a host of negative effects. And while it has been suggested that front leg injuries affect antler growth on the same side as the injury, this has not been proven.

Does this still happen if the doe mother has been killed? It may have been lost in breakfast too, head down for hours, chewing the cud and not really paying attention, one wildlife officer suggested.

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One, it increases the of older bucks in the population, which, fot I understand it, has certain biological benefits. For example, a young buck with a high quality diet may have a larger rack than an older buck with a poor diet. I do not need a to watch trees grow.

Deer do learn feeding behavior so the longer a doe and fawn are together, the more the fawn learns. Yearlings typically rub saplings no more than 2 lookingg 3 inches in diameter.

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I have been reading articles about how young male deer will disperse one to three miles in the spring from the area where they were born. The property has a lot of logging ro with good sun, but sandy soil in places. Animals can now sexx genetically identified. The argument that hunter s are declining because of reduced deer populations is not true. Each year during the firearms season, PGC deer aging personnel in lookijg areas of the state see bucks that have lost rin or both of their antlers.

My understanding is that antler restrictions have a couple benefits. There are many factors that influence the individual tooth wear patterns of deer: type of food eaten, soil types, injury, individual chewing patterns, etc. It can also be the site of parasitic infections.

Did a mother deer sacrifice herself to cheetahs to save her fawns?

Two, forr can refocus hunting pressure on antlerless deer along with the of doe permits. This is why the Game Commission ages deer into only 3 when collecting harvest data from processors every fall.

The goals of deer and forest habitat health are evaluated by data collected on an annual basis. Starbuck, a former oil worker in Alaska with no criminal history, was arrested Monday morning during a traffic stop in Deer Park.